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Babayaga Vietnam

(Street Wear Fashion, 2020)

(Branding & Identity)

3-Cosmetic Box Mockup_edited_edited.jpg

key tasks

*UX/UI Design

Develop Design System, Iconography, and Illustrations. Building Branding & Identity guidelines, UI Elements, and UI Interactions.

*UX Research

Learn about what end users need and want for an Online Voting App, employing those insights to enhance the design process.

*User Interview

Conduct user interview and prepare interview questions, survey, and prototype testing.


for the fear you have.

*Target Customers

Babayaga is a local fashion brand based in Vietnam, providing streetwears to young adults from 18 - 25 years old.


*Develop Design System

Founded by 2 founders who were born in the Year of the Snake, Babayaga use the snake as the mascot of the brand. This project aims to publish Branding Guiddelines using the image of the snake.


project goals

Babayaga Vietnam provides streetwear fashion to young adults from Vietnam. We identify the goal of this project as:

  • Snake: Develop branding guidelines using the image of the snake

  • Packaging: Explore different ways to optimize packages delivering to customers

  • Fashion Design: Create the first T-shirt launching collection


UI Design & Illustrator: Cheryl Vo

UX Research: Cheryl Vo

Special thanks to: Babayaga Vietnam team for all the feedbacks and contribution to this project


the shirt you need.

The Snake: The snake is being used consistently throughout packaging, tags, and shirt tasg. We believe that the snake represents for authenticity and reminds customers about themselves. 

be fearlessly authentic bravely be you

Face. your. fear.

Color and Typography Branding

phobia collection

1st collection.

Phobia: Phobia is the first colelction Babayaga launched in 2020. Phobia is created with the hope of encouraging customers to keep doing the things they are fear of, because that is the quickest way to conquer it.

The 52-hertz whale.


Autophobia is the fear of loneliness. Wearing Autophobia, you are encouraged to reconnect with the person within you and overcome your trauma.


Philophobia is the fear of love. Your partner can’t fulfill what you lack—you have to do that on your own.

Love is not a game of chess.


Melophobia is the fear of music. Have you ever hate a song, because listening to it reminds you of someone. 

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words.

Fear Nothing

Fear Nothing is the last T-shirt in our Phobia Collection. 

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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