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The Daily Pigeon

(Adobe x The New York Times, 2021)

(UX/UI Design & Development)


The Daily Pigeon is a project created to attend the  the Adobe x The New York Times 2021 with the goal to encourage informed online elections by providing reliable resources. The Daily Pigeon is our commitment to empowering objectivity in political discourse

Adobe XD High-Fidelity Prototype


Cheryl Vo (Product Design, UX Research)

Han Khuong (UI Design, Interaction Design)


Voters and the General Public
Politicians and Political Figures
Media and Journalism Communities
Educational Institutions


Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator


2 weeks

The New York Times x Adobe

Creative Jam 2021

In the dynamic landscape of elections, the need for a trustworthy and user-centric platform has never been more pronounced. The New York Times partnered with Adobe to host the Adobe Creative Jam 2021 competition, challenging participants to design a mobile-first experience that enhances trust and credibility in election content for readers.

Research Methods:

User Interviews

During the pandemic, I conducted interviews with a diverse group of 10 participants aged from 18-25, all actively interested in elections and politics. I explored into their perspectives and thoughts about online elections to gather insights on their expectations for the design solution.


Through these conversations, I identified that concerns regarding transparency, manipulation, and data privacy are the most prevalent issues according to the participants.

The Process


Market Research

Card Sorting

Competitor Analysis




User Journey Maps

Insight Analysis

Feature Definition









Expert Feedback

User Testimonies

Success Metrics



How The New York Times Do It?

In an effort to gain insights into potential risks and user expectations, we conducted a thorough exploration and study of The New York Times' preparations for the 2020 election through The NYT Open Team on Medium. This examination help us informung our approach to addressing challenges and meeting user needs in our project.

Project Goals

Our goals include fostering trust, keeping users informed with up-to-date voting information, and creating an interactive environment where users can scan QR codes to access online election resource.


Illustrator: Cheryl Vo and Han Khuong

UX Design and Research: Han Khuong

UI Design: Han Khuong

Scan QR Code and Candidate: Cheryl Vo

Home and Article: Han Khuong

Design Process:


After 3 iterations of sketching, we completed the low-fidelity design for DAILYpigeon. During our presentation to our professors, we received crucial feedback regarding the user journey through the first verification step in the onboarding stage. This insight allows us to think more carefully about optimizing the onboarding process to ensure a seamless experience but also trust-worthy for our audience when input their data.

Design Process:

High-fidelity & Iterations

Despite facing time constraints due to challenges in time management and an extended focus on visual branding, we transitioned from multiple phases of low-fidelity to deliver the high-fidelity version in just 3 days. 


Mentor Feedbacks

Authority through UX Content Language: 
Our mentor advised adopting a more formal tone of voice for DAILYpigeon to align better with the gravity of online elections. She suggested reevaluating the content language to convey authority and credibility.

Streamlining Navigation: 
Our mentor highlighted inconsistencies in the placement of the navigation bar within the app's interface, and helped us discovering a Adobe XD feature that allows us to streamline the navigation consistently.

If I had more time...

The solution wasn't strong enough:

After delivering the prototype, we all agreed that our solution wasn't strong enough. We acknowledged aspects like privacy and data visualizations were not thoroughly addressed.  

Less focus on the visual and more on the UX solutions: 

If there's more time, I'd put extra effort into making sure the UX is the top priority such as conducting more in-depth user testing and user interviews, especially users who are not tech-savvy or people with certain disabilities.


Get more feedback from experienced designers:

Recognizing the limitations in our current solution, if there were more time, we hope to seek for additional insights from experts. 


Competitors Analysis

I admire how the New York Times was able to deliver exceptional data visualizations. The NYT sets an admirable standard in presenting information through clear, concise, and visually compelling graphics.

A potential field of exploration is the possibility of having a mechanism for users to actively engage with the data or share live comments about ongoing elections, fostering a dynamic and participatory environment during critical electoral events.

Moving forward, I want to focus on enhancing user engagement features but also adapting the strengths in data visualization from the New York Times. 

Design Process:

Branding Identity

Our chosen branding identity, the pigeon, draws inspiration from the historical role of pigeons as messengers, delivering the most up-to-date news in the past. Much like these birds, DAILYpigeon aspires to be a trusted messenger of current election information, symbolizing our commitment to providing timely and accurate updates to users.

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