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RMS Icon

(Nuuly RMS Iconography, 2022)

(Visual & Interaction Design)

key tasks

*UX Design

Develop icons Guidelines Rules: Grid Base, Rounded Corner, Line weight and spacing.

*UI Design

Sketch icons using Adobe Illustrator. Visually create clarity and meaning of each illustration.

*User Interview and Testing

Interview users at the warehouse for feedbacks. Reflect weakness, make improvements, and finalize icons.


project goals

Smooth transitions: Smooth transitions between each devices in the warehouse: Computers, Tablets, and Mobiles
Microinteractions: Merging the new icons with in-app microinteractions.​

Adapting styles: Develop the icons and match those with Nuuly RMS Design System


pain points of current icon system
  • Inconsistent line weight

  • Confusing Meaning

  • Inconsistent visual weight

  • Wrong usage



After addressing pain points of current icon system, I develop some ideas and sketched those icons with paper and pencil.​


Setting standard

Before begining to design icons, I created a deep-dive design icon system, making sure that all icons will follow the standard.


Facing challenges

On the making process, I ran into some challenges and had difficulty to re-create the visual of some icons.

The Washing Machine

I tried different versions of the washing machine. Thanks to my mentor, Ashley, she suggests me to remake the actual washing machine in the warehouse

Inspection Station

The inspection station is where employees check the materials and condition of clothes. I tried different versions but decided to draw the actual station in reality.



After 4 weeks of continuous reflection and feedbacks from my mentor, I was able to complete the icon system. Now, this new icon system is currently being used.


UI Design & Illustrator: Cheryl Vo

UX Research: Cheryl Vo

Mentor: Ashley Kane

Special thanks to: Nuuly UX Design team for all the feedbacks and guidance through this whole project. I could not have finished this without your help! 

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