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Nuuly RMS Microinteractions

(Nuuly RMS, 2022)



key tasks

*UX Design

Conduct competitive audit to see how microinteraction benefits competitors' products, followed by User Flow and Global Design System.

*UI Design

Create animation icons based on the guidelines from Iconography project.


Create storyboard and converting illustrations to animated, render animations, and applied in required screen.


project goals

Communicate Status: Giving users feedbacks on the current status, enhancing the sense of direct manipulation.
Confirmation:  Confirming users that their task is completed and they should move forward to the next task.


breaking down
  • Trigger

  • Rules

  • Feedbacks

  • Loops



laying out illustrations and sketching how the elements will interact with each other.


sketching storyboards

Creating storyboards using Adobe Illustrator and exporting them to After Effects.



With the help from my mentor, Nate, I was able to finalize and finish the microinteraction and adapted them to High-fidelity.


UI Design & Illustrator: Cheryl Vo

Animation: Cheryl Vo 

Mentor: Nate Renninger and Ashley Kane

Special thanks to: Nuuly UX Design team for all the feedbacks and guidance through this whole project. I could not have finished this without your help! 

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