Designing Magical Experiences:
Disney's Expansion into Southeast Asia

Roadblocks 🚧

1. Magic Happens Behind the Scenes 🪄

One of the roadblocks I faced was presenting my design decisions and communicating effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders across Marvel, Pixar, and Disney, each with unique requirements and feedback. I learned to actively listening to stakeholder concerns, and incorporating their feedback into iterative design processes while maintain my design decisions.

2. Cross-Cultural Adaptation 🌎

Disney was my first experience in such a global environment, and it required me to be highly attentive to cultural nuances and user preferences across various regions. I conducted extensive research and collaborated with local teams to ensure that our products resonated with users worldwide. This experience significantly enhanced my cultural sensitivity and my ability to design for a global audience.

3. Living in a New Country 🇸🇬🇺🇸🇻🇳

Disney is also an unique experience because the position was based in Singapore, allowing me to step out of my comfort zone, moving away from the US and Vietnam to live in Singapore for 6 months. Adapting to a new culture and environment presented its own set of challenges, from navigating local customs to adjusting to a different pace of life. This experience broadened my perspective and enhanced my adaptability and resilience.

My Contributions 💭

All of my six projects at Disney are strictly under NDA. However, I'm happy to walk you through my projects upon request.
Here's a summary of my contributions.
In the first 2 months, I...
Successfully implemented new interactive experience for Marvel fans
In the next 2 months, I...
Expanded design system to ASEAN countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam)
In the last 2 months, I...
Worked on a project to integrate sustainable design practices into digital products
Throughout 6 months, I...
Helped bringing magic to all customers and experiences

What are my projects? 🏰

Learning Takeaways  📚

After six wonderful months with Disney, I didn't just leave with an endless love for the the magic happens at Disney, but also with priceless lessons that will guide my career journey.

On my last day at Disney, my manager told me “At Disney, we create joy, inspiration, and memories for a lifetime.” And I can’t describe how lucky I am to be a part of this wonderful 100 years story.

Hard work created magic 🪄

The magic of Disney doesn't just happen on its own; it's the result of dedicated effort

Power of imagination 💭

Magic begins with a spark of imagination and the belief that anything is possible.

Growth mindset 🌱

Embracing new experiences, seeking feedback, and iterating on designs fostered a growth mindset.

Step out of  comfort zone 🪜

Stepping out of your comfort zone is where growth and transformation truly occur.

Other Projects

Amazon x Adobe Jam: Scopee

Inspiring teens to learn design during the pandemic

Urban Outfitters: Warehouse Dashboard

Leverage working experience for 900+ warehouse employees


Helping groups with diverse dietary needs find restaurants