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(Adobe x Amazon, 2020)

(UX/UI Design & Development)


A design learning app for teenagers


Scopee is a project created to attend the Adobe x Amazon Creative Jam 2020. The primary goal was to develop a user-centric iPad application designed to facilitate design education for teenagers.

Adobe XD High-fidelity Prototypes


An Bui (Product Designer)

Cheryl Vo (Product Designer)

Minh Nguyen (Product Manager)


Teenagers 13-17 years old
Parents and Guardians
Educators and Mentors


Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator


10 days

Amazon x Adobe Creative Jam 2020 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon and Adobe have joined forces to provide support, guidance, and a platform for emerging talents in the field of design. The Creative Jam was build on a shared commitment to nurturing the dreams and aspirations of young designers. Several challenges were raised to address the hope of supporting young designers to navigate through challenging times. 

The Process


Market Research

Card Sorting

Competitor Analysis




User Journey Maps

Insight Analysis

Feature Definition









Expert Feedback

User Testimonies

Success Metrics


What was your first experience with Design?

Interviews Art-lovers

Research Methods:

A Survey For Parents and Teenagers

As we explored features for our project, we sent out a quick survey, collecting data in just two days. At the same time, we worked on sketches and IX flows to inform our design decisions, ensuring a swift and informed creative process. Those are some of the questions we ask the participants: 

For parents:
- How often does your child engage in creative expression activities during COVID?
- Which learning format does your child prefer the most?
- How would you rate your children's learning performances during COVID?

For teenagers:
- Which interactive feature do you find most engaging during the learning process?
- How easy is it for you to find your way around the app to learn design?
- Which excites you and make learning the most fun for you?

Based on the results from mixed methods research...

What features excites you in the learning process?

How Might We..?

App Structure Exploration

Empathetic Ideation

We gather a team to brainstorm and ideate. Each of us recall our first experience with designs to  develop a range of concepts and solutions that address our "younger" desires

User Journey

Starting their design learning journey, teenagers start off super excited about design. They start looking up Youtube videos, tutorials, or reading books. As they complete more projects, it's at this point that they often hit a creativity roadblock. This is a crucial stage where they might quit learning, thinking design might not be for them.

UI Visual Elements

Visual Design System

We built a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards with branding colors and typography.​


We developed a low-fi prototype to test functionality of Scopee.

UI Elements

We broke down the product into UI Elements: navigational and informational components.

Defining the MVP

This stage allows us to create a foundational version that embodies the core elements crucial to our mission. We explored various directions such as games, project tracking, social chlleneges

Learning doesn't mean it's Boring

Learning is far from dull when it's directly relevant to real-world applications. The app's content is designed to connect theory to practice, showing young designers how the knowledge they gain can be applied in their daily lives and future careers.

High-Fidelity (8th Iteration)


Product Manager: An Bui

UX/UI Design: Cheryl Vo

UX Design & Content: Minh Huu Quang Nguyen

Users Testing with Prototypes

During this phase, we assess our prototypes to uncover any potential issues or areas for improvement. Also, we are happy to gather positive feedback from participants. It encourages us to reinforce our current design concepts

Final Product

After a dedicated 10-day effort, we successfully presented the finalized Scopee project at the Amazon x Adobe Creative Jam 2020.


The journey not only enriched our learning experiences but also presented us with new challenges that pushed us to explore innovative solutions and elevate the final product.

Explore our Responsive Prototype

Design For Change

With Design For Change, Scopee hopes to foster a generation that doesn't just adapt to the world but actively shapes it through innovative and meaningful contributions. 

COVID-19 Can't Stop Creativity

The target audiences for Scopee are teenagers aged from 13 to 17 years old and parents who are looking for an educational app to encourage their children to engage in creative activities.


By identifying those focus, Scopee aims to bridge the gap between learning and real-world application in the pandemic setting. 

An adventure worth celebrating...

Learning should not be boring: We're all about embracing the learning journey instead of just getting through it. Through Scopee, we want to share this message with everyone


Learning is an adventure worth celebrating


Think like a child: This approach propose an effective solutions which we might not even think of in a regular grown-up mindset. 


Teamwork is the best: Navigating tight deadlines has really shown me how important an effective teamwork is. Plus, this experience has been a lesson in improving communication skills within the team.

Low Fi Wireframe (4th Iteration)

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