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(Adobe x Amazon, 2020)

(UX/UI Design & Development)

key tasks

*UX/UI Design

Develop Design System and Iconography. Building Branding & Identity guidelines.

*Prototype Testing

Finalize and complete High-Fidelity prototype and conduct user testing.


Identify the key problems users are facing and meet users' desire. Have continuous reflection and receive feedback.


the challenge

Scopee is a project created to attend the Adobe x Amazon Creative Jam 2020 to design an user-centric iPad app, aiming to help teenagers to learn about design.

*Duration: 10 days

The team of An Bui, Minh Nguyen, and Cheryl Vo were formed. We worked collaboratively for 10 days to complete the product,


project goals
  • Cheerful: The product's target customers age from 14-17 years old. We believe keeping the product enjoyable will be the key motivation.​

  • Educational: The product goal is to educate young designers, as well as nuturing the future generation of designers.

  • Engaging: Users can take part in daily challenges related to social issues such as #BlackLivesMatter, #LGBTIQ+, #Climate_Change,.. etc. 


Learn Design. Change the World.


Scopee provides online courses provided by well-knowned designers in the industry, aiming to provide interesting and innovative lecture.


You can take part of any challenges on Scopee to get the best out of you!

*Receiving badges

Yee-haw! By taking challenges, you are now an active member of Scopee and will collect Badges for your engagement.


badge collector

If you submissions are outstanding, you can earn a badge for it! 
Good art inspires, Good design motivates.

Become a badge collector!


After 10 days of work, we were able to complete Scopee to the Adobe Creative Jam x Amazon 2020. We do not only learn so much through the process, but also challenges ourselves with new competitions.


Product Manager: An Bui

UX/UI Design: Cheryl Vo

UX Design & Content: Minh Huu Quang Nguyen


starting point
  • Design System: We built a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards with branding colors and typography.​

  • Low-fidelity: We developed a low-fi prototype to test functionality of Scopee.

  • UI Elements: We broke down the product into UI Elements: navigational and informational components. 

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