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In 2022, my mother passed away.

Her life was a symphony of compassion, as she loves to help underrepresented communities. After her passing, she left behind numerous unfinished charitable projects. So, I decided to keep her love alive by continuing what she started. 

That is how the ThanhDung Foundation, founded in memory of my mother started. This journey is my way of ensuring that the impact of her kindness endures. And yet, this is also my way of carrying her love with me. 

As much as my mother inspired me to help underprivileged communities, I hope ThanhDung Foundation will inspire others to take action and together, we can make this world a better place. 


Preserved the legacy of Le Thanh Dung and her kindness with the mission

'Kindness Creates Change'.



The Thanh Dung Playground is located within the premises of the Khu Luong primary and preschool in Tân Sơn District, Phú Thọ Province. The school serves 472 students, including 38 ethnic minority children and 3 students with disabilities. 


We actively collaborated with "Think Playground Vietnam" to build the playgroun from start to finish. Now, generations of students can have a fun playground afterschool.

Our Impact


5,000+ USD

By selling ThanhDung's book, we've not only shared her story and behind our foundation but also created a source of fundraising



We are able to grant three scholarships, offering educational opportunities to promising children in Kon Tum, Vietnam


500+ MEALS

With help from donors, we provided 500 meals to those facing food insecurity, especially underrepresented individuals



We bring joy and positive change to a thousand lives through the projects we created

It's just the beginning

ThanhDung Foundation continues to write our story of compassion and change

The Happy House

"I want to become an Agricultural Engineer"

This is what Hồ Hảo Vừa told us when we first met him. He was born in Quảng Trị and orphaned at a young age. Currently, he lives with his grandparents. 


His house was constructed from bamboo and wood. Whenever the rainy season arrives, his home faces the risk of potential collapse. Thanh Dung Foundation, with the help from our donors, sponsor the construction of a new and secure home for Hồ Hảo Vừa and his grandparents

Follow along as ThanhDung Foundation continues to write the story of positive change, one project at a time. Join us in creating a future filled with kindness that left for generations.

Stay With US



"From now on, I won't fall into the river while crossing the bridge…"

Mo Cay Nam Province has a small village that supports Disability Community. Many times, while selling lottery tickets to support their family, many disabilities has fallen into the river. 

Therefore, ThanhDung bridge, with a total length of 1310 miles, was successfully built hoping to connecting families with Disabilities to life.

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