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Making sense of Cryptocurrency P2P Trading

(Pexpay Website, 2022)

(UX Writing)


content created helping

the onboarding of first-time traders


languages being translated from the original written English content


IOS & Android Strings created and tested


CTA micro-copies evaluated and improved

Leveraging Binance Onboarding & walk-throughs experience for first-time traders


The Binance Pexpay Walk-throughs is a UX writing project with the focus on maintaining a consistent brand Tone Of Voice. The project aims to create a thoughtful onboarding experience that speaks to the needs of first-time users in the trading flows


22+ Onboarding Conten
50+ IOS/Android Strings
Localization Instructions


UX Writing
UX Research

Agile Methodology

Project Management


First-Time Trading Users
User Testing Participants
UX/UI Team
Localization Teams
Management and Executives


Google Excel
Google Docs
Google Slides



November 2022 - December 2022


the challenge

As part of the UX team at Binance, I was assigned to review content for Peer-to-peer trading tutorial for first time users. New users might have a difficult time understanding the meaning behind each element on Pexpay website and its purpose.

"We have to effectively guide first-time traders and offer the support they need"


project goals
  • Empathy: In order to empathize with trading users, I exposed myself as the first-time traders to Pexpay Website.​

  • Brand voice: The product goal is to follow brand tone of voice, matching the copy tone and word choice throughout the design system.

  • Localization: The copy will be translated into 6 different languages, so providing precise instructions to local translators is necessary. 


identify the users
  1. Non-login users:

    • Displaying tutorial and saving in traders cookies storage

  2. Login users:

    • Displaying tutorial for new traders who have not placed c2c order before

  3. Existing users:

    • Displaying tutorial for traders who have cleared their cookies storage


UX Writer: Cheryl Vo

Mentor: Kai Neo

With the help of Localization and Developers Team


project goals
  1. Increase web/app order conversion rate between two groups:

    • new users who see tutorial

    • new users who does not see tutorial 

  2. Reduce confusion and time consuming:

    • ​Most traders have certain knowledge about basic trading definitions such as Margin, P2P, Buy, Sell, Index,..etc. The goal is to walk them through Product Tour without over-educating them. 

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identify desired voice & SEO

Prioritize using VERB at the beginning of every sentence​, and finalized keywords

the result

​The finalized English content was successfully translated to 6 different languages, and it is now live on Pexpay Website.

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