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Redesign RMS

Home Screens

(May, 2022)

(UX/UI Design)

key tasks

*UX/UI Design

Examine pain-points of current home screens. Observe strength and weakness of each screen across devices.

*UX Research

Conduct written Competitive Analysis and research how products from competitors designed.

*Problem Solving

Reflect weakness and receive feedbacks. Testing home screens on each devices.


project goals

Minimze interactions: Users usually use the App using one hand because they have to hold clothes on the other hand.

Minimize as least interactions as possible is the main goal of the project.

Consistent between devices: Keep the consistency in each device: Web App, Tablet, and Android Mobile App.


Accessibility is for all.

*Inbound & Outbound

This feature allows users to unbox when receive any orders and move products to shipment station when they are ready to go.


This features is a combination of steps and process users need to perform before sending out. Tools in this feature such as: Test Wash, Inspection, and Packing.


More Time. More Task

After 2 weeks of work, I was were able to complete the Redesign Home Screens Projects with the help and support of two amazing mentors: Laura and Ashley. 


UI Design & Illustrator: Cheryl Vo

UX Research: Cheryl Vo

Mentor: Ashley Kane, Laura Petrini

Special thanks to: Nuuly UX Design team for all the feedbacks and guidance through this whole project. I could not have finished this without your help! 


starting point

User Flow: I created a User Flow to show the complete path a user takes when using the product.

​Low-fidelity: ​I then explored different layout experiment to understand what suits the best for users.

UI Elements: ​Explorations on different UI components with the aim to minimize as least interactions as possible.

"users usually use the app with one hand. So keep the interactions minimal"

"An easier way to access warehouse."


understand users

Empathy: I created a empathy to have better understanding of users needs and desire. I also want to capture and collect knowledge about a user's behaviors and attitudes.


pain points of RMS home screens
  • Too much interactions

  • Inconsistent design cross devices

  • Uneasy to recognize

New Version of

Kiosk Home

User Interface

The six icons are colored in @green color, matching with the Icon System and Design System.

User Experience

The Kiosk are used in Tablet devices, so large cards with large icons are exceptionally easier for them when tapping

New Version of

Web App Home

User Interface

The five cards or placed and aligned to the left. The dark background is consistent between three devices.

User Experience

The hover states make it easier for users to follow their current location. Dark mode reduces eye strain for users.

New Version of

Mobile Home

User Interface

Each card is designed with 32 pixels icons with the same height and width. The background image with dark opacity is used consistently.

User Experience

The switch component is flexible so users can either tapping or swiping. Users can easily find their current category

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